Richard S. Horowitz

richard horowitz




Richard is a lifelong native of New York City and has permanently devoted himself to the people and geography of the five boroughs and surrounding metropolitan areas.  As a youth, Richard developed a strong appreciation for the French language, later leading him to pursue degrees in French Literature and Linguistics. Four years of his higher education were spent abroad, as Richard gained his Masters at the Faculte De Lettres in Nancy, France.  In addition to his love of the French language, Richard also has a strong background in theater and has taken great efforts to learn more about his own Jewish heritage. 

Growing up in New York City’s rich theater community as an actor and performer, Richard built a network of lifelong friends in the entertainment industry.  It was the theater community that brought Richard to pursue a career in psychology. He searched for ways to combat the growing AIDS epidemic that was plaguing the GLBT and theater communities of New York City.  Richard continued his crusade to help those suffering with terminal illness and facing personal addiction by getting a M.S.W. from New York University’s acclaimed School of Social Work.  Soon after, he became a State Licensed Psychotherapist and a Certified HIV Pre/Post Test Counselor.  Richard continues to be a strong advocate for New York City’s entertainment and GLBT Communities.